Top Six Online backlink Checker Tools Completely Free

Top Six Online backlink Checker Tools Completely Free

Top Six Online backlink Checker Tools Completely Free

Search engine optimization (SEO) probably the second most important fact about your site after you opening a site. For SEO the most important thing is Backlinks. What is backlinks? Simply backlink is a hyperlink tha comes from another website to your website.

It is also known as inbound links. This is one of the most important factors of Google ranking algorithm. So for the SEO person it is a must to learn how to build quality backlinks for any website to serve their clients.

Also the SEO person should check the backlinks quality of any existing website to measure the quality as they are following the guidelines perfectly. Sometimes we also need to check the competitors backlinks to get a clear idea about the market.

Checking backlinks is not a problem nowadays for the SEO persons due to the availability of several online backlink checker tools. But not all the tools are of good quality and effective.

We should only use the ones that are updated with the latest search engine updates and are reliable of the perfect backlinks only. Some of the tool is completely free and some are fermium type. For the best practices and if you have regular work you should buy the paid one.

Today I am going to show you the top six online free backlinks checker tool.


Ahrefs is a popular freemium type tool which is very popular to many people. It is best working at paid version but the report you will get with the free account is not bad at all. It has started journey at 2011. It will give you complete backlink examination report besides it will show you how many backlinks are there. NoFollow and Dofollow backlinks, backlinks from definite TDL also.

ahref backlink checker


SEMRush is a paid tool but allow a 14 days free trial. It is not only a backlink checker tool it also gives us the organic search report, how many keywords are ranked for what volume, what are the traffic sources etc. With 14 days free trial you can easily fulfill your instant requirements but at the free account not all the data will be shown.

semrush seo tool

Number-3:Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is one my most favorite ones. It has a simple interface to use but can give deeper information at a time. The information you can get from any of the links are- NoFollow or DoFollow, OBL, Anchor text used, Page Rank etc. You can trust this free online tool because they are using Ahrefs API to track the backlinks. The only limitation of that tool I have got is that it can show a limited results for any single domain but the limitation is enough to fulfill your demand as I have got.

backlinkwatch backlinks checker

Number-4:Opensite Explorer

OpenSite Explorer has the most popularity all over the world. It is a product from SEOMoz which has awesome features to help the SEO professionals rather than providing backlinks. This has also two versions free and paid.

Paid version will send automatic SEO reports continuously but do not be disappointed as the free version can also help you fully. I like most this tool as it even the free account can give the backlinks report as well as the analysis report.

It can give you quick updates of the linking domains, top domains, backlinks, anchors, deep data analysis and the most interesting part is that it is updated every 15 minutes. May be this tool has the biggest data index.

It is also user friendly. I like it most for checking the backlinks and SEO analysis for my client’s site and for the competitor sites also.

opensite explorer by seomoz


MajesticSEO is kind of similar to Opensite explorer. It is of great use for backlink checking. It is offering free and paid version also.

MajesticSEO site explorer

Number-6:Small SEO Tools

The bloggers and SEO professionals are too familiar with small seo tools. It offers us a number of good free online tools for various SEO related purposes and it has also it’s own backlink checker tool. It may not give you the updated like the ones stated above but it has it’s own facilities too like having the full backlinks report, page rank, all time free version, anchor text etc. I have seen that it is capable of serving the info we need.

small seo tools backlink checker

There are still so many other tools which are free online tools but these six are the best and if you use any of them then you do not have to go for the others for sure.

backlinks checker
inbound links checker
online backlinks checker tools
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