How to Earn Serious Money on Youtube (Secrets Revealed)

How to Earn Serious Money on Youtube (Secrets Revealed)!!

It is true that many people are earning from YouTube videos decent money but that doesn’t mean that you will start now and will get a good balance overnight. But for sure you will start earning money quickly and then gradually you have to work on that to increase revenues.

This step-by-step guide will show you the ultimate secret of earning remarkable money from YouTube.

Step-1: Setting and Building Up Your Own YouTube Channel

You do not need to open a new YouTube account if you have a Gmail account. Just log in to your Gmail account and then go to YouTube to build your channel. Personalizing your channel will be helpful to attract more subscribers. Select some keywords which are relevant to your video content. These keywords will help people to find your channel. Also, try to use a short and easily memorable user name for your channel.

Step-2: Uploading videos or Content Adding

uploading videos on a youtube channel
The next most important thing is to add high-quality, short videos regularly. Consistency is a must. Maybe the first few videos could be good enough but do not be disappointed as practice can give improved quality. Try to use a better camera and better video editing tools. People love to subscribe to channels that are very consistently uploading excellent videos. Add keywords tags with your videos and brief description also to improve search visibility. Do not use any copy video from other channels and always try to make it 100% unique.

Step-3: Bring Audiences

If you cannot bring a lot of people to your channel then who will see the ads, so this is the most important part of earning money from youtube. It is true that to get a lot of subscribers there is no secret rather than uploading quality content regularly. But still, there are some good things you can do to make something different out of a box. You should continuously do social media marketing on major channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and others. Also, find the other resources on the internet where your users might be at. Interact with your subscribers by replying to comments and questions.

Step-4: Start Monetizing Videos

Now we are almost set for earning money from our channel. Now we have to enable video monetization. That means you are giving permission to YouTube for setting ads into your videos. Moreover, this is an agreement that your videos are out of any copyright issue. You can easily set ads while the video is being uploaded or into a previously uploaded video. To enable monetization while uploading just clicks the monetization tab and enable “Monetize with ads box” by checking it. For the previously uploaded videos go to the video manager and find the videos you want to set monetization then click the dollar sign and then check “Monetize With Ads Box” option.

Step-5: Connect Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a third party ads program run by Google itself. You can use that for your YouTube videos. Google Adsense Signing up is free and easy. You just need to be over 18 years of age and need to provide a PayPal or bank account to withdraw the earned money. This ad program is CPC based, when a user or visitor click on the ads from Google set on your videos then you will earn money. So the more traffic you get, the more your earning will be.

Step-6: Review your analytics and set up what to do

youtube channel analytics
To view the performances of your monetized videos you can easily access the analytic from your channel menu option. Here you will get the total views of the videos, demographics, ad performances, estimated earnings and many more. So that you can further decide on which you should concentrate more on the marketing or creating more quality videos.

Step-7: Do not be lazy, do marketing of your videos on the respective sources

In YouTube, there are a lot of potential visitors for your videos for sure but if you just stay on the YouTube only then you can grow faster and soon you will be frustrated with the low earnings. So think out of box and marketing your videos at all the social media channels (we have discussed above this), other video sharing sites, start blogging, make a website and sharing the video links with anyone known to you either directly or by emailing. In this way, you will get more views and can boost your earnings.

Step-8: Consider Being YouTube Partner

youtube partner programs
YouTube have an awesome feature of “YouTube partners”. YouTube partners are YouTube users or members who have been monetizing their videos with huge viewers and views. To be qualified for YouTube partner programs you must have around fifteen thousand watch hours for a period of last 90 days.

Once you are approved as partners you will awesome facilities from YouTube such as partners are getting exclusive tips and support from community time to time and can access more tools for content creation.

Besides partners have the chance to win several prizes from time to time for the number of viewers they have on their channel videos.
So this is it. YouTube video monetization could be a handy one for a decent income from home without least investment.

For maximizing your earnings from you can read “A surprising tool to grow your YouTube Channel fast” where we have discussed a nice tool to help you grow your channel faster. Also, we are expecting comments or questions from you at the comment section below and also appreciate your suggestions pretty much.


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